Parkland Place Rehabilitation

Parkland Place Rehabilitation

If you’re looking for a drug or alcohol rehab, it means you want to step into a new healthy life. When it comes to quitting on your own, it becomes difficult. You don’t need to overcome addiction alone because Parkland Place Rehab is here to help you.

This is located in the solace of an amazing 16-bed mansion and gardens with the stunning North Wales coast nearby in scenic North Wales. Our purpose built property is nestled in a desirable setting of farmland owned by the National Trust, where we receive drug abusers and sufferers with open arms. In addition, we are accessible and provide a pleasant establishment to address your recovery needs.

Whether you are struggling with alcohol addiction, gambling addiction, drug addiction, or have behavioural health conditions, Parkland Place offers comprehensive treatment strategy for everyone. Since everyone needs to be treated differently, our remedial program is customised to deliver a targeted treatment plan for each person. Equipped with a friendly and experienced staff, we provide clients a guidance to comprehend the reasons for their behaviour and uncover healthier alternatives to them, and encourage into a healthy lifestyle.

Parkland Place requires their clients to stay sober and restrained while on-going treatment. Our recovery program takes a start with medically supervised detox. Our very own dedicated detox clinic at Salus Withnell Hall is reachable without any hassle, and ensures a seamless therapeutic experience including transfers.

The facility embraces a balanced view of visual arts and crafts, together with vast ceilings and many unique traits. Parkland Place is nestled in three acres of lawn gardens. Nearby, the mansion has mature trees, wild animals and chirping, almost everything that a client needs to overcome the substance abuse challenges. At Parkland Place, we are committed in your full recovery. For this, each of our private rooms has en-suite bathroom, air-conditioning, customised styling and range of other facilities. All rooms are equipped with window shutters that ensure privacy of clients. The rooms we offer boast stunning views across the ground and beyond.

We use the vibrant beauty, rich history and culture of North Wales, to assist with recovery. We solely focus on single aim – to help our clients in changing their lives for the better.

Our recovery program provides a gateway to drug abusers so they can learn how to stay clean like once they lived. We make sure you attain the most effective treatment that may help you recover sooner. Before providing treatment, our doctors evaluate you to screen for any disorders and any other unique requirements. It is a crucial step to develop a competent tailored treatment plan for you.

We work with our clients to address their underlying social and psychological concerns. We help you realise avoid and cope with circumstances that may stimulate alcohol or drug use. No matter how much addicted you are, we have four decades of experience to overcome your addiction. Whether you are suffering from mental health issues or substance misuse, recovery is surely possible at Parkland Place. Through our experienced staff, you can get your life back on track.

Our setup is based on evidence-based practices. Our treatment plan makes use of personalised models of care, and reinforces solution-based therapy including cognitive behavioural and metacognitive therapies.